>I failed Eat-In Week.

>Yes, I did. I confess. It was timing, really. I couldn’t make it happen. Here you are: the excuses.

I had three evening commitments on top of teaching the full week. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night were all staff development or class nights. When I have one of those nights in a week or even two, it’s time to bring out the crockpot. Three? No time to prepare the crock, much less plug it in for the day.

Results: I bought myself deep fried cheese curds (stop laughing; they’re a delicacy in Wisconsin during the winter) after a three hour class in analyzing running records for reading instruction. The second night of classes Amigo went out to a (local) fast food joint for a perch-wich and fries. The third (well, really the first night) Husband had a day off and cooked, for which I am very grateful. Without him, it might have been frozen pizza – or worse.

I normally treat myself to a Jo to Go coffee on the occasional (I admit it, frequent) Friday mornings. The rest of the week I set the kitchen coffeemaker and bring my own little thermos to school. I’ve built a good habit of saving money and reusing my thermos and coffee mugs. This week? I’ve been through the drive-through three times. Three. They’re starting to greet me with “The usual?” instead of “Can I help you?”

When I did cook, it was wimpy. A can of soup instead of homemade, frozen chicken patties on buns, leftover potato wedges (I did make them, they were good) and a can of baked beans. This is not my usual locavore standard. The most creative dinner was Sunday’s casserole: leftover spicy rice, cream of mushroom soup, a handful of frozen peas and a chicken breast cooked up together.

I made my own lunch four days and made a second sandwich to take to class Thursday night. But then… I ordered out with the rest of the staff on Friday. We do it as a team; order from a sub shop or restaurant that delivers, varying the place each week. This week, despite Eat In Week, I’m joining the order-out crowd.

Confessions aside, this week is unusual. Since I began moving our family to a more local and fresher food supply, we’ve cooked largely at home. A meal out is an occasion, not an everyday deal. A Special Week isn’t really the reason we eat in at our house; it’s a philosophy that’s becoming routine. Eat In Week, for all its good intentions, is just another gimmick. The real good comes from making eating in the norm, not the exception.

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6 thoughts on “>I failed Eat-In Week.

  1. >There's no shame in the occasional Family Pack from Tom's Drive In when things are hectic! Some weeks just don't lend themselves to slow cooking ANYTHING!

  2. >This week you are doing what you can to help the economy 🙂 – those that are employed in coffee places and restaurants appreciate people like you. When things are hectic we should not feel guilty for taking the easier way. Things will be back to a more normal routine for you.

  3. >Nobody's perfect, Daisy. We all have those hyper-busy weeks sometimes. We're opening a can of soup for the boys tonight while we dine on salads…the local custard stand has finally re-opened and we want some!

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