How Cold Was It?

It was so cold —

  • Schools closed for two days.
  • Mail delivery stopped.
  • Newspaper delivery stopped.
  • Utilities company asked customers to turn their heat down so there would be enough natural gas to go around.
  • Utilities company threatened to levy fines on Chuck’s workplace for using too much natural gas in keeping the plant operating!
  • It was so cold that a hawk stopped in to keep warm over lunch.
A hawk came to visit. Seriously.

Yes, she was that close – and that big. We think she caught a sparrow for “lunch” and then found a somewhat sheltered spot to dine on it – next to the house, close to the door. The bird could have knocked on the door and asked to come in.

Oh, yeah, people. It was that cold.

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One thought on “How Cold Was It?

  1. Brutal. And everything I read said to turn the heat UP a couple notches to better keep up with keeping people warm. Sorry, but businesses should shut it down before residents are asked to. The mall and a few other places should’ve been closed, common sense in the face of that awful freeze.

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