Home Sweet Cubicle – the sequel

Readers, you saw the mess before I unpacked all the boxes of teachers’ manuals and other important resources. You could have followed up with the eventual “after” shot. Still later, Flat Stanley made a visit to my cubicle.

It’s still my cube, and it’s evolved a bit. Typical of me, everything important is within reach. It’s hard to do otherwise in a space this small! In this small shot, you can get a glimpse of teachers’ manuals, see the files trays that hold my plans for the week, and browse the cubicle survival kit that includes my tissue box (Packers cover, a perfect gift for the Green Bay Packers stockholder in your life), coffee cup (Teaching Wisconsin to Read), and animals.


Of course I have animals in my cubicle. Doesn’t everybody?
I hope Paddington, Snoopy, and Fluffy don’t get lonely while I’m on spring break.
Or maybe I should hope they’re not hosting a wild cubicle party.

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