Have laptop, will travel.

Ah, dear friends and readers, you might have wondered, “Where is Daisy? When will she return to Compost Happens?” My ever-so-trusty laptop gave up the ghost and needed to be (gulp) replaced. It had traveled with me by car, by plane, by train, and by ferry. It had gone to multiple states and two foreign countries. My old portable friend had a screen that no longer worked thanks to a failing video card in the motherboard that would be expensive and labor-intensive to repair.

So here I am, people, on my new ASUS model, transferring bookmarks and double-checking files. Meanwhile, the farmers’ market booty awaits in the kitchen along with a big bowl of fresh spinach from the garden.

In the green living line, the old laptop will get recycled soon. I will use a case that I already own, one stored in the attic or in my walk-in closet. And for now, I’m logging off to go play in the kitchen. I’ll show pictures later.


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