>Half empty or half full?

>The pessimist says the glass is half empty.
The optimist says it’s half full.
The engineer (according to Husband) says that the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.
Kristina made a good comment on my last post: hope is an important philosophy. Mom-nos recently posted about dominant thought, and how keeping it positive is important. A few of my co-workers just planned a get-away weekend later this month so that we can be together as friends, not teachers.
All of these things reminded me to think positive thoughts, cope with what I can, and let go of the worry on that which I can’t control. Isn’t there a saying like that? With that in mind, here’s a re-vision (seriously: a different point of view) of yesterday’s worries.
School behavior: I work with an excellent team. We are all very well trained and understand child development. We have plans in place to teach behaviors and attitudes that can replace the inappropriateness, and consequences in place for those who choose not to learn.
Health: One of our association leaders recently reminded us that we can’t control health care costs because that’s a national problem, but we can control our own health. I just took steps in the right direction with the blood draw and the visit to the foot doc. I plugged in the humidifier a few minutes ago, and I’ll sit next to and read the paper after I post. Blogging, too, is healthy. Simply by changing the way I put these dominant thoughts in writing, I change the direction of my thoughts. Life is still rough, at least this patch, but I can deal with it a little better now.
Family. Kids. We are bringing La Petite home to see the family doctor on Monday. We’ll keep working with Amigo and his teachers and hope that ultimately he takes the bull by the horns himself.
Health: Parents: We’ll hear from the Cataract-less mother today, we hope. We’ll keep in touch with the other paternal unit, too, and share that responsibility with brother-in-law.
And I’ll keep on blogging, blogging, blogging.

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One thought on “>Half empty or half full?

  1. >Glad to hear it. The last time I blogged about my glass half empty it was more of a rant and how I am the type the cynic who sees it half empty… my advice? Surround yourself with half full types! Making a huge difference for me.

    And the health thing.. knock on wood we are in health insurance limbo… our solution… every member got flu shots this year, a first, we all take vitamin C every single day, I wash my hands extra long… was tempted to start taking garlic pills in fact! So far so good and in Jan normal insurance starts…!

    Cheers, I hope it’s all well soon? Enjoy that trip!


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