Growth Rates

I repurposed a few containers to make room for the volunteer tomatoes and mystery plants. I think one of the mysteries is basil; they other might be peppers. But anyway, back to the repurposing.

Wow! These are reaching for the sky.

These are reaching for the sky. That’s La Petite’s old laundry hamper.

Not far away, on the other side of the rock garden, lies another repurposed container holding tomatoes.

Much smaller, slower growing.

Much smaller, slower growing.

This batch is growing much more slowly, but the carrot seeds are starting to germinate. Carrots love tomatoes, right? Maybe they’ll both put in a good effort and produce some produce.

The crate gets a lot of sun.

The crate gets a lot of sun.

This picture reminds me that I must water the chives. The tomatoes and the mystery (basil?) are coming up quickly now that they have space.

So readers, gardeners, eco-scientists, what do you think? Is it as simple as the sunlight, or does the basket have some other reason not to grow as fast as the others? Leave a comment. Let me know your thoughts.




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2 thoughts on “Growth Rates

  1. I had breakfast with my hunting partners this morning. Goose hunting starts in 7 weeks, deer hunting in 9 weeks, and duck hunting soon after that. how time flys. I still can’t decide if I should go to the BYU-Badger game in November.

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