>Good thing I don’t gamble.

>Offices have their football pools. Sportswriters have their contests. We’ve started our own friendly family competition on Sundays, predicting the outcome of the NFL games.
Amigo picks up his schedule binder with the Braille schedules in it, and he reads the list of the day’s games. As he does, I write down our predictions for the winners. When it’s all over, we check the scores and add up our results.
Scores in the last three weeks:
Husband 10, Daisy 9, Amigo 8
Amigo 8, Husband and Daisy tie at 6
Amigo 7, Daisy 5 (Husband was out of town)

Wait a minute. I’m the main football fan in the house! Why do I keep losing? It’s a good thing I don’t play Fantasy Football, with this kind of record.
We’ll see. Maybe today’s my day.

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