7 thoughts on “>Good News!!

  1. >Isn’t it wonderful? Flavanoids, antioxidants and now LOWERING blood pressure, too? Heaven. Pure heaven.

    I read this yesterday and prompty downed several handfuls of the dark chocolate m&m’s from my mom’s candy dish – for my health, you know!

  2. >You didn’t know about dark chocolate! My Grandfather was a GP – he had a square of dark chocolate and a shot of whiskey every night before bed – he died a very happy and VERY old many.

  3. >Woohoo! I knew chocolate was good for me… I just knew it and now this verifies it… I’m off to do some chocolate shopping right now!

  4. >I had just put dark chocolate on my shopping list. The trouble is they said just a little every day, that is the problem do we have the self control for just a little.

  5. >I used to prefer milk chocolate but then I had a daughter who got me hooked on dark and now that’s my total favorite but it better be good stuff, like Godiva or Dove or something.

  6. >My favorite use for dark chocolate — cough suppressant! A research study showed that dark chocolate can be more effective than codeine as a cough suppressant.

    It works for me and tastes better than cough syrup! My daughter thinks I am the greatest mom in the world because she gets chocolate for her colds! I tell everyone I know to try this.

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