>Good morning, and good news

>I resist checking my school email during breaks, especially summer. Both my left and right brain need a mental break from the stress of the school year. I check in once a week at first, and then less often as I begin to relax and let go of the year’s baggage.

I checked in this morning and found this piece of correspondence.

“The reviews of your articles are back. The decision is that we should publish these in the fall issue of the WSRA Journal. Congratulations! Thank you for thinking of the WSRA Journal for your work.”

I think this calls for a toast. Coffee, of course, in my Wisconsin State Reading Association mug.

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5 thoughts on “>Good morning, and good news

  1. >Congratulations! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed perusing your blog and will visit again.

    Thanks for stopping by my place. And good luck with your garage sale. 🙂

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