>Give my regards to…Billy Joel and Andrew Lloyd Webber?

>I don’t get out much. Really. It’s not a complaint, it’s just a fact. When I do get out, I enjoy and appreciate every minute of it. On the rare occasion that I get to see a Broadway touring show, I like to remember it. A souvenir mug makes more sense to me than a t-shirt or photo album.

I use the Phantom of the Opera mug at school, where I wash it by hand rather than in the dishwasher. Rumor has it that heat-sensitive mugs like this last longer that way. You see, when I add hot liquid to the mug (who am I kidding — coffee, of course), the trademark Phantom mask appears. Until then, the mug seems to be mostly black.

In fact, one cold and dreary day I walked into the teacher’s lounge to see our building engineer staring in horror at the black mug he had filled with coffee as a spooky white mask appeared in front of him. Yes, it was his first cup of the day, and yes, he was still half asleep when he picked it off of the rack. I burst out laughing and he just shook his head and admitted that he really, really needed to get more sleep. And in case you’re wondering, yes, he washed it out for me afterward, and no, I wasn’t upset.
There are a few shows I’ve seen for which I did not buy mugs: Oklahoma (classic, fun), and Wicked (wow!) to name two. I’d love to add those to my collection. And if I am lucky enough to get tickets to The Lion King, coming next spring to our town, I will definitely look for a mug.

In the meantime, I’ll drink my morning cup o’ joe from a mug with a story and a song behind it.

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3 thoughts on “>Give my regards to…Billy Joel and Andrew Lloyd Webber?

  1. >I love your mug collection. I have a Paul McCartney mug from his most recent concert tour that, unfortunately, got mixed in during the loading of the dishwasher and started peeling on one side. Luckily, the logo is the same on both sides so it sits good-side-out at work on a shelf – a happy reminder of a magical evening.

  2. >I love the mugs too. Unfortunately someone in my house (not me) will drive away with them on the roof of the car! Not many survive. Thanks for stopping by my site.

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