>Gatekeepers. I hate them.

>”Good news, Daisy! You’re off the wait list for our clinic. We have an opening on August 31 at 7 AM.”

Me: I’m sorry, I can’t make that date and time. What else is available?
Gatekeeper: We have an opening Monday, August 1st, at 8:00 AM.
Me: I’ll take that one.
Gatekeeper: We’ll send out paperwork for your initial appointment.
Scene: Daisy getting mail on Friday.
Me: Oh, no! This date is wrong! It says August 31 at 7! I said no to that date!
(calls clinic, connects with new gatekeeper, explains problem)
Gatekeeper: Okay, we’ll cancel the 7:00 appointment on August 31st.
Me: I have 8:00 on the 1st on my calendar.
Gatekeeper: With which doctor?
Me: (reads name off paperwork)
Gatekeeper: He’s not even here on the 1st. Your appointment is on the 31st.
Me: No, I refused that date. It doesn’t work for me.
Gatekeeper: Okay, we’ll cancel the 7:00 appointment on August 31st and put you back on the wait list.
Me: But… but… I’ve been waiting since March.
Gatekeeper: Is this okay?
Me: No, it’s not okay. (pause) It doesn’t sound like there’s any other option.
Gatekeeper: (pause) Thank you. Goodbye.
Now what? Another five months’ wait? The local health care system certainly doesn’t take depression very seriously. I guess I’m on my own – again. Still.
Note to self: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Take time, and look at the big picture. Family doc is doing a good job so far; all will (eventually) be well.

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