Garden Clue – Daisy’s version

Sergeant Pepper, in the garden, with a purple stake.


The mystery started with Free Super Saver Shipping. I was short 81 cents – cents! I tell you. Less than one simple dollar!  I brought my order to the magic $25 by ordering a packet of seeds. The seeds, Rainbow Peppers, cost just enough to put me over the minimum.

Clue number one: the package

Clue number two: my pepper plot, including jalapeno, banana peppers, and the “wide array of color” rainbow peppers.

The Peppers

Many Little Peppers and how they grow! 

Clue number three: an honest to goodness jalapeno, maybe. Or it could be a yellow banana type. It’s a little too small to tell.

A single pepper - so far

A single pepper – so far

Clue numbers four and more: what in the world of gardening are these creatures?

The Fairly Odd Peppers

The Fairly Odd Peppers

A Closer Look at The Fairly Odd Peppers

A Closer Look at The Fairly Odd Peppers

Back to the beginning: I guessed Sgt. Pepper in the garden with a purple stake.

Well, readers? How about you?



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1 thought on “Garden Clue – Daisy’s version

  1. Garden mysteries can be great fun. Except, of course, when they involve the strange-looking spots on the leaves of the tomato plant which are diagnosed by the extension agent as tomato blight!

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