Further evidence that NFB-MN is really Hogwarts

So far, you’ve seen the outside of the castle, er, mansion. Then I shared observations of the fireplaces, hidden doors, and lamp-holders. But wait – there’s more. We went into the dungeons, I mean the basement, not for Potions with Snape, but to see the wood shop classroom.

Power tools and Amigo? And no magic allowed?

On the way to the stairs, we saw evidence of Mr. Weasley’s Muggle artifacts collection. Someone tell him it’s not plugged in.

Rotary phones? I prefer my Android, really.

On our way to the Owlery, we opened an ordinary-looking door only to find an old safe.

Secure: Alohamora didn’t open it.

I did say Owlery. If there was any doubt earlier, this bathroom provided convincing evidence that we were visiting Harry’s alma mater.

Where’s Hedwig? Pigwigeon, are you there?

Amigo, pack your wand. And look out for that Malfoy kid; he can’t be trusted.

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