>Funday Sunday

>You might be a Green Bay Packer fan if:

  • you pronounce the name of the Louvre the “Lurv”*
  • you call your Buick LaSabre a “LaSarb”*
  • you plan Packer Vegetables for Thanksgiving dinner
  • when you cook on the grill, you call it a Tailgate party
  • it’s not a question of whether to wear Packer garb, it’s a question of which piece
  • you still call Mardi Gras beads “Super Bowl Beads”
  • you’ve been overheard referring to the team as “We…”
  • you drown your sorrows after a game like today’s with Skittles in your favorite team colors!

(Okay, for those not in the know, the record-holding quarterback’s name is Favre, pronounced ‘Farv’)

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One thought on “>Funday Sunday

  1. >Why are there no comments here? The Packers are God’s/Bhudda’s/Allah’s/Zeus’s/or whatever you worshi’s representatives on earth! You all know that!

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