>Funday Sunday at work


Husband has to work all weekend. He’s working here. Need proof?
That’s his finger in the bottom of the picture.
Ever wonder how the cameras get set up to televise a game? How many there are? Where they might be?

Here’s part of the answer.

Yes, they’re on the roof of Lambeau Field, boldly going where no fan has gone before. Well, at least where no one has worn a cheesehead.

All photos courtesy of Husband’s cell phone camera. And just a note: the guy in the red t-shirt? His wife was my maid of honor, 20-some years ago when I married Husband. 🙂 It’s a small world!

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2 thoughts on “>Funday Sunday at work

  1. >That is so cool! Are there any bennies for you with this gig, eg, tickets to some of the games? I must admit that I am not really into pro football, but I loves me some Detroit Tigers!!

  2. >No, no tickets for the family. He’s working for the network, not for the team. Once in a while we see him on TV, on the sidelines.

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