>Funday Monday


Win or lose, run or pass, Cheeseheads never lose their class.
Well, teachers who are also Cheeseheads (Packers fans), that is.

You might be a Green Bay Packer fan if you can dress like this for work, and not only is it considered completely appropriate, your boss compliments you on your new attire. (The boss, by the way, was dressed in a Brett Favre jersey and khaki pants.)

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3 thoughts on “>Funday Monday

  1. >Love the couture posed ballet hand. Nice fleece, yah. Just be careful not to out-do the boss- you have to let them win sometimes…

  2. >No one wins in Packer country but the Packers……………ok fine….maybe not

    Blogger doesn’t think I have an account anymore…..it doesn’t know me anymore…what is going on…

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