>Frustrating day with random blatherings

>I want to be at school working in my room. Instead, I’m stuck here.

Phone tag! I left messages for local pediatrician and for specialist in Milwaukee. Now I need to wait for their callbacks. My cell phone is nowhere to be found – I think I left in in Husband’s car when we came home from Miller Park last night. That puts out the trip to school and any other errands because I can’t. miss. these. calls.

So I wait. And wait. And get more and more restless.

I scavenged enough late summer rhubarb for rhubarb upside down cake, which led to adding lots of goodies to the compost bin. Upside down cake is delicious; compost now has a layer of eggshells (crushed), banana peels from lunch, and rhubarb leaves on top of half a dozen corn husks.

I cleaned the kitchen (again, still, again) and ran the dishwasher.

I want to weed the garden and pick beans, but I can’t leave the house for too long because the doctors’ offices might call. If I miss either call, it’ll take hours to get back in touch.

Errands that remain undone: post office, mail books for paperbackswap.com. Walgreens, to buy strapping tape because I used the last of it to mail the paperbacks.

Outdoor chores that remain undone: Pick beans. Pick tomatoes. cut off spotted leaves on tomato plants before blight spreads. Water hollyhocks and rhubarb and anything else that needs it. Weed south side of the house; clover is taking over. Harvest spinach. Clean spinach. Prepare spinach for crockpot or for freezer.

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