>Friday, Friday updates

>Let’s see:

  • The rain barrels are full.
  • Lake Okaybyme has reappeared in the backyard.
  • I squished across a grassy swamp to get to the compost bin last night. My shoes are still damp.
  • Sun mixed with clouds today – I hope the scattered showers scatter far away from here.
  • I’m on my third cup of coffee.
  • A chipmunk is running across the deck again and again, almost like doing laps.
  • Amigo and I might go to Cars 2 this afternoon.
  • Birds are hopping in and out of my garden enjoying the worm feast. The old CDs as scarecrows turned out to be a failed experiment. Darn.
  • Hey – how did that chipmunk get in by the tomatoes? Did it float? Build a small ark?
  • Young wild bunny definitely lives under or near our deck. That’s fine with me, but I wish the small furry creature would stop eating my mums.
  • Someone in the neighborhood is mowing their lawn. I can’t imagine the grass is dry enough. Ours certainly isn’t. By the time it’s dry, the grass may be a foot tall!
All in all, it’s a typical day in the neighborhood. I’ll take it. Life is wet, but life is good.

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