>Four by Four

>Jill from Charming and Delightful tagged me with the 4 by 4 meme. Yes, I’m still conscious; it was figurative, not a literal tag. Those boards don’t measure a true 4″ by 4″ anymore, either, just like a 2 X 4 is really only about 1 1/2″ by 3 3/4″.

Four places I go over and over again (not counting my workplace):
The Post Office – they recognize me as the one who mails books for PaperbackSwap.
Walgreens – a quick stop on the way home, and the medicine cabinet is refilled.
Jo to Go – I drive through for a coffee treat more often than I should. Well, I drive through when the temperature is reasonable and my driver’s side window cooperates.
The public library, more in summer than during school. This is usually a joint trip with Amigo while he looks for audio books.

Four people who mail me regularly:
My mother (and brother and sister-in-law)
La Petite, when she’s away at school
Margalit, my cohort and fearless leader at MidCentury Modern Moms
My grad school friends. That’s four, not one, but since we were dubbed the Fab Five, I’ll count them as one. We no longer teach together, so we email a lot.
I’ll leave the foreign lotteries off the list.

Four of my favorite places to eat, (apart from home)
Confucious, Chinese take-out or eat-in. Delicious.
Mary’s Family Restaurant, a locally owned place with tasty chicken dumpling soup
Blueberry Hill, local pancake house (Amigo and I tried it out last summer and liked it)
Angels family restaurant (a little hard to get to now with road construction, must do it again)
I notice a theme here: these are all local, no national chain restaurants on the list.

Four places I’d rather be now:
In bed, asleep. I need a lot of sleep.
A hotel – any hotel, as long as I’m not responsible for cleaning. And it needs to have wi-fi, and in-room coffeemaker, and the daily paper. I don’t ask for much — or do I?
Shopping with friends — buying optional, talk is free.
A local coffeeshop: good brews, good music. Who needs a bar when a favorite blues musician is playing at Brewed Awakenings?

Four favorite TV shows:
Green Bay Packers football games
When Weather Changed History (Okay, I’m a science geek. I admit it.)

Four movies I could watch over and over again:
Sleepless in Seattle
The Muppet Movie (“Not often you see a guy that green, got the blues that bad.” Classic.)
The Terminal

Four people I’m tagging:

Minnesota Matron

G from G’s Cottage

Green Girl in Wisconsin

Margalit at What was I Thinking?

I hope 2009 is starting well for all of you!

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  1. >Let me think on this. I have another meme ahead of this one anyway. But I don’t have answers for some categories as well.

    BTW I added you to reader.


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