>Fortunately/Unfortunately or "Could be worse, could be raining!"

>In high school my friend D. liked to quote her mother by saying, “Could be worse, could be raining!” to keep things in perspective. That phrase kept running through my mind today as one thing after another went wrong, but all in all, things could have been much worse.

Fortunately, last night was the coolest night we’ve had in ages and we woke up feeling rested.
Unfortunately, Husband and I both overslept. He dove for a quick shower while I tried to figure out how it happened. Nothing was wrong with the alarm, the time was set properly, and the radio alarm was set to “on”. Who knows?
Fortunately, he has worked late several times this week, so if he arrived a few minutes late today it wouldn’t be a problem.

Fortunately, the dishwasher was loaded and ready to run. As soon as Husband took a running leap out of the house and into the car, I filled it (the dishwasher, not the car) with soap and pushed the button to start it.
Unfortunately, the dishwasher broke out in (no, not song) a noise that mimicked a chain saw.
Fortunately, there’s a button for “Cancel and Drain”.
Unfortunately, the noise continued.
Fortunately, the ever-competent part of me figured out how to prop the door open just enough to stop the whole process.
Fortunately, I looked into the appliance and managed to find a small part that was obviously cracked.
Unfortunately, I had no idea what it was or how to fix it.

Fortunately, it was a Cleaning Service day! They do a great job on our home and I’m so grateful!
Unfortunately, they arrived a little early, so La Petite (she who doesn’t do mornings) was still in bed.
Fortunately, El Grande takes great pleasure in waking his older sister.
Unfortunately, I was so busy with the Chainsaw Dishwasher that I wasn’t ready, either. I hadn’t written a check or straightened up nearly enough.
Fortunately, the cleaning people can work around almost anything. I wrote the check, warned them about the dishwasher, and and we piled into the van to get out of the way.

Fortunately, we went to IHOP for brunch.
Fortunately, the food was delicious.
Fortunately, the table next to us was very entertaining with three lovely and smiley children eating pancakes. This led my two children to reminisce about restaurant adventures when they were little. Fun.

Fortunately, when we got home the house was sparkling and clean-smelling.
Unfortunately, the dishwasher still didn’t work.
Fortunately, it was a beautiful day with lots of excuses for procrastinating. I went out to the garden to weed and meditate and gather my energy for washing a lot of dishes.
Unfortunately, the dishes were still there when I got back.

Fortunately, the kitchen was spotless.
Unfortunately, I own very few dish towels and dish clothes, since I rarely wash dishes by hand.
Fortunately, I had extra towels in the bathroom. I brought out two big shower towels because…
Unfortunately, my kitchen has no drainer rack for dishes and only has one sink. I set up the towels for air-drying because…
Fortunately, there was a beautiful breeze wafting through the kitchen.
Fortunately, I had just bought dishwashing liquid a few days earlier.
Unfortunately, it was the $1 cheap stuff on the sale shelf. It didn’t last long, and I had to drain and refill the sink repeatedly to maintain some semblance of suds.
Fortunately, I spent enough time in restaurants and food service earning money for college that I learned how to do dishes efficiently.
Unfortunately, it’s still my least favorite job.

Well, now the dishes are done and scattered on shower towels on our tiny kitchen’s limited counter space. But do you know what? It could be worse — it could be raining.

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