>Food! Let’s write about food!

>Food. That’s the topic for Scribbit’s monthly writing contest. I haven’t entered in a while; too busy to write, too busy to do more than read a few of the always-wonderful entries. I might enter this time, but meanwhile, I’ll have some fun rereading old posts about food.

Recipes? Nope. I post recipes for their usefulness, not for their prose.

Food is a broad category. Holiday food, maybe.
Thanksgiving thoughts in hindsight: what went well, what didn’t
Thanksgiving again, looking for assistance in whatever form possible

Kitchen gadgets? I listed my favorites here.

Husband and I share the kitchen; we each have our own specialties.

Right now, June being June, time for a break from teaching, I’m focused on the garden and growing food.

Mother-in-law’s memories of her family’s Victory Garden
Farm markets and the new word of the year: locavore
Have a garden? Grow zucchini? Grow too much zucchini?

Finding a post for this topic is going to be fun. I might use an old one, I might write a new one. But no matter what, I’ll enjoy reading the other entries. They’re always fascinating.

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3 thoughts on “>Food! Let’s write about food!

  1. >Yesterday the Master Gardner went out to the garden and found a nice sized cucumber. First of the season and I'm looking forward to many more. Now if those damned tomatoes will just start growing. MUD

  2. >My favorites are the posts about how food had memories for the writer–but then actually? Anything about food and I'm happy 🙂

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