Flowers and Workplace Karma

I took a chance and sent a funny email to the cubicle three feet away from me. Hey, don’t laugh. It’s far enough away that she has a window. Really! But anyway, she’s a regular reader of Compost Happens, and she appreciates my sense of, well, irony. She replied to my silly email:

Fellow cubicle dweller: Funny! Daisy, you always manage to put a smile on my face. Can I be known as “Rosebud”? 

That started it. I replied in the positive, of course, but I couldn’t leave it at that.

Me, Daisy: And who will be Chrysanthemum? How about (insert high school English teacher’s name here)? 

Description: Chrysanthemum

Rosebud: I always wanted to be called Rosebud! Don’t ask me why. I think she would enjoy being called Chrysanthemum. (Science teacher) could be Thistle and (Mr. Math) could be Dandelion.

Daisy: I’ll call (another colleague) “Clover” or “Marigold.”

Rosebud: Nice – Marigold seems appropriate. We’ve got the whole garden/plant theme going on here.

Daisy: You realize, of course, that I’m going to blog this.

Readers, are you wondering what started the whole thread? Karma. Pure Karma.

What goes around, comes around.

And you thought I’d made it through an entire post without mentioning the recall election.


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