Finalizing and winterizing the garden

Now that the plants are gone and the tomato supports are stashed for the winter, now that the leftover and used-but-usable potting soil has been added to the garden, now there are only a few tasks to get the yard truly ready for that first (gasp) snow.

  • Raking leaves
  • Draining and turning over rain barrels
  • Storing screen tops and stretchy cords
  • and more…

I mentioned the potting soil. I’d like to stir it, turn it into the soil and let it hibernate with the rest.

That shouldn’t take long. I can turn the soil while the rain barrels are draining. Then – I like to pick up the boards I call stepping stones. They’ll lean against the garage in a pile waiting for next year.

And finally, the leaves now covering the grass will end up piled in the garden plots to decompose and keep the moisture in the ground while the topsoil sleeps.

When winter passes and spring arrives, I’ll come out to play in the dirt again.

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