>excuse me while I bang my head on the keyboard

>Friday night we got an automated phone call from Amigo’s school saying he had missed a class. His response was, “What?!” He never misses a class. He may not love the homework, but he loves school.
Sunday night we got another automated phone call. What?! we collectively responded.
It turned out that the automated phone calling system misfired and overreacted, and the associate principal, among others, got a call saying her child had missed class on Friday. Of course, then she was the one who had to call about 600 parents and say that yes, this was a mistake, their children had been in classes all along.
These automated phone calls are really a bother. I don’t find them useful. I don’t find them informative. And when they’re wrong, they’re wrong, and there’s no one to question or clarify! If it’s a political candidate, I can hang up. But when it’s the school, it’s not so easy. I usually stay the course until the call is completely over to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Friday night, however, it was the system, not me, that missed a step.
Geez. It makes me long for the days of a paper and pencil attendance form that a child carries down to the office. Hey — wait a minute. My elementary school still does that! Maybe the high school could learn from the little ones for a change.

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