>Dreams: what do they mean?

>Chuck thought my dream had a simple interpretation: I’ve been typing too much. I went to bed with a sore thumb.

He may be right. I do have arthritic symptoms in my right thumb, and my left is catching up. I have a splint for the right wrist and thumb; I wear it at night to immobilize both and ease the pain somewhat.
So here’s the dream.
I was in the emergency room – again. Same doctor, same staff, all recognized us from our back to back visits in early winter. This time, I was there because I’d dislocated my left thumb. Is that even possible? In my dream, the thumb had already been set, back in place, and the pain and swelling were gradually easing. Even so, it still hurt like the blazes. Dr. S had decided that I needed a cortisone shot in the joint. Disclaimer; I have no medical background and have no idea what would really be done at this point. It was a dream, remember? I’ve had many cortisone shots in my foot, so I know that they are very painful, but also very effective. I think the discussion went something like this.
Dr. S: Have you ever had a cortisone injection before?
Me: silent nod.
Dr. S: So you know what it feels like?
Me: silent nod
Dr. S: Okay, here goes.
Me: turn head, find focal point, breathe.
Chuck thinks it’s as simple as going to bed with a sore thumb after being on the computer too much that day. He may be right. The other interpretations could be a little more complex.
  • Why was I completely unable to answer the doctor? I’m a verbal-linguistic person; words are my strength. I’m rarely intimidated by medical people. Was my silence significant?
  • The repeat visit to the ER – likely a flashback to the last one, when I opted not to be admitted to the hospital overnight and went to school to leave sub plans instead. Bad choice; I’ll never do that again. At least in my dream I followed the doctor’s instructions, no matter how painful.
  • Then again, there’s that sore thumb. I’m relearning how to handle a keyboard and mouse in less painful ways, and I’m learning to limit the time I spend on the computer and prioritize that time more effectively.
Readers, chime in. What do you think of my dream? Simple, just a result of a sore thumb joint, or a deeper, more complicated meaning?

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