>Do you Meal Plan?

>I plan, but not formally. It helps keep grocery trips to a minimum, helps use the pantry and refrigerator contents wisely, and keeps me from giving in and calling for pizza after a tough day. But formally? No. A rough draft, yes. Cook extra on the weekends, yes – we call them planned-overs. Thaw something the night before? Yes, often. But I still confess, I don’t plan the entire week.

Many meals create leftovers that can turn up in a new form. Last week I cooked up chorizo sausages on a bun with frijoles (re-fried beans) and a Spanish rice on the side. It was delicious.
Sunday lunch, Husband put together burritos by using the leftovers and a few items we keep in stock all the time.
His formula:
soft taco shells
leftover frijoles & rice
grilled red peppers (that he keeps in stock for sandwiches)
chopped green onion (we’ll have these in the garden soon!)
green chili sauce
shredded cheese (he used Sargento’s Mexican blend, but any favorite combination will do)

A few tips:
Heat the taco shells in the microwave with a damp paper towel so they don’t over-dry.
Don’t overfill; the shells will burst and you’ll have a mess.
Other alternate ingredients: salsa, peppers, your favorite taco sauce

I told him lunch was delicious. He deflected the praise by saying, “Hey, they were your leftovers!” Well, I’ll just say we make a decent team in the kitchen.

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3 thoughts on “>Do you Meal Plan?

  1. >I try to meal plan. When I don’t I remember why is started in the first place. And it only took me… oh… several months to “train” Hubbz to look at the list on the fridge before asking “what’s for dinner” 🙂

  2. >I’m better on meal planning, but it’s so seasonal because I never really know some months WHAT D’s schedule will look like.

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