>Distracted on Market Day


It was an easy day at the Farmers’ Market. We didn’t buy much this time because we still had a lot in the kitchen and we were going to be busy for several days. The greenish pint containers were full; the berries were already in colanders in the sink when I took the picture. Do you notice something else, though – something that doesn’t usually come home from the Farmers’ Market?

No, I didn’t mean the apple pie. That’s a special treat, but I meant the plastic bags.
Yes. The bags. I was so distracted with the start of school that I forgot the bags. Here they are, right where I left them, waiting patiently to do their job.

Where has my head been lately? Never mind. I know.

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1 thought on “>Distracted on Market Day

  1. >Ah, now you have some wastebasket liners, right? And you know their bags are reused bags, so better to reuse than to trash them.

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