To educate or not to educate?

Overheard: “Educated people aren’t as happy underemployed as uneducated people.”

Scary thought, isn’t it?

Educated people expect more. Educated adults tend to raise educated children. Educated people value education and vote for candidates who will fund and maintain successful education systems.

Educated people expect more. They expect results. They expect others to listen and learn from them as they listen and learn from others. Educated people want to raise the bar, not lower it, in most parts of their lives – including raising the bar for employment.

Educated people value education. They are more likely to work with their children on homework, enroll their children in supplementary activities such as drama, music, and sports, and encourage their children to reach for the stars.

Educated people value educators. Educators value education. They expect results and will extend themselves to get those results. Educators will find shoes for their students, write grants to improve their resources, and make sure their students get fed. Educators reach out to help meet students’ basic needs so students can turn their attentions to reading.

Educators, like other educated people, aren’t happy underemployed. Educators know their worth, and they’re not content to be disrespected. Educators, passionate about their work, aren’t happy to be the continual victims of name-calling by the uneducated.

Soon-to-be-former Governor Walker doesn’t value education. In his form of logic, he didn’t graduate from college; why should anyone else?

I submit exhibit one.

Actual sign: no photoshopping required

Educators proofread their work.

Educated people proofread their campaign signs.

Educated people vote.

Unfortunately, uneducated people also vote. I just have to hope that the former will outnumber the latter.

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