>Darn those armchair quarterbacks. I want to play.

>It’s been a rough week at the office — or at school. I am so tired of being second-guessed and even insulted by people who think that since they hold high school diplomas they know everything about teaching and can tell me what and how to teach my class.
Phew. There. Take a breath. It’s Friday. And it’s not just any weekend — it’s one of my favorite weekends of the year. Tonight, just after ten, I return (virtually) to my college days and visit my alma mater for the annual Trivia Contest.
Some people go to Florida. Some go skiing. I gather up my books, computer, and cell phone, and join with friends and family to compete in a venture with only negligible worth. The prizes are junk. The questions are ridiculous. The pressure — well, it’s as much or as little as I want.
This year I plan to play, but not compete. I will sleep at night rather than stay up to catch the overnight questions. I might help Amigo field his own team like he did last year.
Trivia is addicting. Ken Jennings admits as much in his book Brainiac. Yes, I read it. I’m such a trivia geek, I got the book as a birthday gift. Ken didn’t visit or write about LU’s contest, but he’d like it if he did. In fact, I’ll take a chance (since I’m sure Ken Jennings doesn’t read my blog) and put an open invitation for Ken to visit my family and play Lawrence University Trivia. With his quick mind and great wealth of knowledge, he’d love it.
For those of you who are really curious, check it out yourself! The contest is now totally internet based. Since the college gave up its on-campus over-the-air radio station, they went online. Anyone can look into it, and anyone can play. Go to the WLFM homesite and click on connect or Tune In. If you’re listening this weekend, listen for these teams.
Six Feet Under: Not HBO, Just Trivia (our Big Team: we usually finish in the top ten)
Tonka Truckloads of Trivia or the Fire Truck Kid (I’m not sure which name Amigo will use this year for his team)
Nudge (I played for this team in the early 80’s when they were new on the scene)
And a team name that deserves points for creativity, even though I don’t know a soul on it: The Dyslexic Agnostic Insomniacs Lying Awake at Night Wondering if there really is a Dog

To gear up for the weekend, I’m dressed in my favorite sweatshirt. Start the coffeepot, I’m ready!!!

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