>Dandelions: a weed is just a flower out of place.


Have you seen the commercials? The ones that imply that dandelions are evil, nasty, even toxic creatures that intentionally invade your (gulp) Lovely Lawn. The commercials want you to buy their product, of course: the Chemical Killer of Evil Dandelions. Here’s one fighting for its life in the middle of the mint. I predict the mint will win. Mint is a very aggressive plant that doesn’t give up easily.

But chemicals? Expense aside, I don’t need them. I don’t want them on the mint; I might use it in cooking or to mix a mojito. I don’t sweat the dandelions; I use them to offset the high cost of lettuce.

Buttercup loves them.

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4 thoughts on “>Dandelions: a weed is just a flower out of place.

  1. >Your Buttercup made me catch my breath!!!! She is so close looking to my recently departed Lucy! BTW, llamas love them too!

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