Dagnabbit, get out of my garden, fuzzballs!

Actual Text Messages:

Chuck: There’s a bunny in your garden right now. Want me to chase it away?

Daisy: Yes, please. Take a picture if you can.

Chuck strode out to the garden, phone camera in hand, and got a big surprise.

Chuck: It’s a regular wildlife sanctuary back there. 1 chipmunk, 1 mourning dove, 2 bunnies, small flock of blackbirds. Sorry, no pics.

No wonder I’m hardly getting any beans. Come on, critters. Leave the family vegetables alone!

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2 thoughts on “Dagnabbit, get out of my garden, fuzzballs!

  1. I sympathize. The first year we moved to our current house (20 years ago) I planted tomatoes. One of the creatures that your husband saw in your garden stole the ripe tomatoes. So I gave up. The rabbits around here are numerous and fat. Grrr.

  2. My friend Tad has four rabbit traps. Your uncle has lots of guns. I have an almost silent pellet gun.

    Warning, I have read that when the rabbit population is “damaged” the females go into heat more than normal. So if you do kill some, expect more litters.

    My garden has NO rabbits thanks to the highway wall by the garden. I generally have a hawk hunting there most of the day.

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