>Da Code Cabe Back

>Yes, the symptoms that I blamed on seasonal allergies have taken hold and are making me miserable. Therefore, my plan for the day is:
Drink liquids. (coffee in my “So many books…so little time” mug)
Eat a grapefruit.
Drink more liquids (warm apple cider with a cinnamon stick in my “ducks in a row” mug).
Eat chicken soup for lunch.
Drink more liquids (orange spice tea: choose a mug, any mug).
Watch football game.
Drink more liquids (yet to be planned).
Have chicken soup for supper.
Go to bed early.

I’m sure there’s some over-the-counter medicine that will help ease the symptoms. I’ll take some, but mainly, I’m working on flooding my immune system with fluids and vitamin C and other anti-virus protections. In the meantime, I think I’ll go slice a grapefruit. Do peanut butter cookies count as anti-cold food? I can only hope. The November posts will be much more interesting if I’m feeling better.

Update: I am feeling a bit better. The Packers’ win over Arizona helped. Amigo helped by cheering loudly when I couldn’t for fear of coughing my guts up. Apple cider, cinnamon tea, and a variety of mugs have all contributed to my improvement. I still plan to go to bed early and sleep deeply until morning.

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