Curb Pickers in Minivans

Topped with a basket ($1) at a rummage sale and a hanging pot from a previous year, you see my garden table. We, and by we I mean me and my dear darling husband “Chuck”, found the table at curbside after someone moved out. Yep: a curb picked gem.

Handy Dandy planting table

Handy Dandy planting table

Sometimes I resist. I left a stool that almost matched one in our basement and didn’t pick it up. I did stop, I admit it. The stool stood on the curb with a pile of scrap wood. On one piece of wood was a sign saying, “FREE: Measured once, cut twice.”

Right now, the only things turning up curbside are branches. I think I’ll stay home.

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4 thoughts on “Curb Pickers in Minivans

  1. Now that Appleburg is starting to hold overflow days more often, we might make regular minivan treks around the wealthy neighborhoods. Snicker. I have no shame.

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