>Could be worse — could be raining!

>Oh, wait. It is raining.

But April showers bring May flowers, and luckily for all of us in this dreary April weather, our school’s Art Club suggested a fundraiser. They offered to paint a window in our room for $10 a window, with the money all going to sponsor a local art teacher in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I jumped at the opportunity.

Our library media specialist did, too. Her best windows open up to the hallway rather than the outdoors, so the flowers are there for everyone who passes by or comes in to check out a book.

And besides being an investment in a good cause, and in addition to giving young artists a chance to display their work, the early flowers really brighten the room. Teachers’ Manuals on the right, flowers on the left. I know which side makes me smile!

Could be worse, indeed.

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