Corona Cooking – at home, of course

Our menus are looking more and more like midwinter comfort food or even dorm cafeteria food. Tonight it was baked macaroni and cheese – from scratch, of course. I have a sizable stockpile of various pastas, and we always have cheese. Throw in a cup of frozen peas, reach for the closest Italian season, and there it is. Comfort food, Wisconsin style.

Like a good pantry prepper, we have canned tuna. I’ve made tuna casserole recently (pasta, tuna, yada, yada, yada), and tuna salad would only work for Chuck and me. Amigo doesn’t go for cold. I got creative with the English muffins in the refrigerator, topped them with tuna and (or course) cheese, and ta-da! Tuna melts.

Last night I pulled together paninis. Sandwich ingredients, grilled with my cast iron press, and then – soup, of course. An ultimate comfort food, but instead of made from scratch, I’d picked it up at a local restaurant. Soup and sandwiches! Simple, but satisfying.

Then there was the shredded pork on a bun – with my own homemade rhubarb barbecue sauce. It makes a big batch; I put half away in the freezer for another day.

It’s not restaurant quality. It’s not even Master Chef style. But comfort is in short supply these days, and I can cook up darn good comfort in the form of lunch and supper.

Readers, what are you cooking these days?

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2 thoughts on “Corona Cooking – at home, of course

  1. YUM!
    I made stromboli the other night, a pot roast the night before. Since we’re all home, we have made dinner a required meal. Everyone is on their own for the rest of their food, but I make supper and we all gather to eat and it’s quite nice.

  2. Same as always for us, although I’m out of fresh vegetables except the Eternal Cabbage and Carrots until the garden kicks in a little more strongly. How glad am I that I live in NM now, where, with the help of some strategically placed old windows, the sun helps me get lettuce in April? VERY GLAD.

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