>Controversy’s busting out again.

>Wasn’t it enough when Victoria’s Secret stores, the hotbed of hot lingerie for hot young women, refused to allow a woman to breastfeed (in a discreet and isolated corner, mind you) in their store? Now a magazine for mothers of babies — Babies! — has generated more negative PR for mothers who are able and willing to breastfeed their infants.

One article on the cover is here. This article displays a bias, however. If you can look past the spelling error on the word “gauge” (those always lower a reporter’s credibility in my eyes), read the statistics. Apparently the magazine received 5,000 letters and emails, and 25% had a problem with it, leaving 75% either in support of it or neutral. This does not support the headline of “Breast isn’t Best: readers tell U.S. parenting magazine.” For a more objective report, try this report.

There are a few details to remember before hauling off and bashing mothers or magazine publishers.

  • This magazine is not on newsstands; no one will accidentally be “forced” to see the cover. It is distributed free through OB/GYN offices.
  • Breastfeeding itself is not sexual, and neither is the photo.
  • The goal of this photo was to illustrate an article, not to excite or titillate (sorry, couldn’t resist).

So don’t get your undies in a bundle or your bottle in a battle. Moms have enough on their shoulders (and other parts). Let the babies eat. And let the magazines show it happening.

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5 thoughts on “>Controversy’s busting out again.

  1. >And in the CBS article, they put a call “into” the magazine editors. Ouch. Putting a call in to them would be more appropriate, I think.

  2. >Sometimes I wish we just did as they do overseas. Walk around with our boob hanging out and babies hanging off of them. Honestly?? it would put some people out of a job. Other than that, the rest of us would get over it.

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