>Conserving Resources: It’s as simple as a barrel.

>Green Moms Carnival is hosted by Mindful Momma this month, and they’re posting on the topic of Conserving Resources. I didn’t post far enough ahead to actively participate, but I can still contribute.

One of my favorite ways to conserve a finite resource is by using a rain barrel. In fact, I liked the rain barrel so much I bought a second one in August! Here’s a quick 3-2-1 summary of the highlights of my special water-conserving tool.

Three reasons to use a rain barrel instead of a conventional sprinkler:

1. Set it up correctly, and it’ll water the roots, not the leaves, of the plants.
2. The water goes directly into the soil; very little evaporated.
3. It’s rain water. It doesn’t have to go through the treatment plant before it waters my garden.

Two changes in thinking with the rain barrel:

1. I’m careful with the water. After all, I “harvested” this myself!
2. I use this water to rinse litter boxes and compost buckets, too.

One final thought in favor of rain barrels:

1. It saves the potable (drinkable) water for its intended purpose: human consumption.

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5 thoughts on “>Conserving Resources: It’s as simple as a barrel.

  1. >We keep meaning to set up a rain barrel. So far we haven't needed to. We've had more than enough rain the last three spring and summers. Next year …

  2. >I was just asking hubby about this a few weeks ago. We really need to get one for our house. I think our town even sells them to residents with a discount.

  3. >Rain Barrels are a great way of harvesting rainwater but they can fill up quickly. I've got irrigation pipe connected to the overflow on my rain barrels so the water is directed straight to my garden and not wasted.

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