Classic Mug Shot

When we travel, my favorite souvenir is a coffee mug. I drink from my Amtrak mug and remember the trip on the Empire Builder. I sip from my lobster mug and remember Nova Scotia. Whenever I finish a major project, I like to pull out my “ducks in a row” mug to show that I do, indeed, have all my ducks in a row.
Here’s another mug, a historic mug, that I must have.
Remember when President Obama said, “I can’t go around with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead!”? When he released the long version because his short version wasn’t good enough for the conspiracy theorists, he told reporters that he didn’t have time for this “silliness”. He had more important things to do. A few days later, he announced that Osama bin Laden had been found and killed. Ahem.
To thumb my nose at those who still don’t understand that Hawaii is one of the United States, the Democrats have come up with the perfect mug.
We’re headed toward the midterm set of elections, and I still use this mug. I noticed a few around the campaign office in 2012, and I’m absolutely sure other progressive voters are still using theirs. It reminds me to assume nothing when it comes to other people’s knowledge – or lack thereof.
Disclaimer: I am active in progressive politics, including Organizing for America, but I was not paid or sponsored in any way for this post. This mug was too good to pass up.

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3 thoughts on “Classic Mug Shot

  1. I do not consider asking a presidential candidate for proof of citizenship silliness. And what did Obama have to do with locating Osama Bin Laden?
    I would bet if you checked his schedule he got his golf and basketball games during the days before the assassination of Osama.

    You mention that you thumb your nose at those who don’t know that Hawaii is a state………….. That bothers me deeply. If there are people who do not know Hawaii is a state I would think teachers would immediately reflect upon their skills and curriculum to solve the geography problem.

  2. Heh. Haters gonna hate, Daisy. My mom’s a birther, too. Drives me up a wall, but I pat her hand and look at her like I would any other mental patient needing their meds.
    I collect college mugs from towns we visit with colleges. Mugs and magnets–useful souvenirs!

    • I don’t hate people. I don’t know what a birther is. But I think I am being called names. I have what I call reasonable expectations of our leaders. I would hope our constitutional lawyers would make a study of the Geneva convention. For instance under our current cheif we are using bullets made of depleted uranium, ruining ground for many years. The dogs our seals use often have special crowns put on their teeth made of titanium. The titanium adds extra weight to the bite. Then the crowns are filed to be razor sharp. I hope none of those dogs are unleashed on children.

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