>Check the Poo

>How much to say without putting up a totally disgusting post? There’s a reason for the acronym TMI; Too Much Information can be just that.

Amigo’s digestive system gave hints already in January that it was going to be troublesome. We made excuses and brushed it off, and he seemed to be fine. Then came flu season.
After a bout with the basic upper respiratory flu followed by a stomach ailment, he just couldn’t seem to recover. The pediatrician greeted him one day with a joke about “frequent flyer miles” because he’d been in so often. That was also the point at which she decided he needed to make an appointment with a specialist at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.
Four months later, we got there. Since it takes that long to get on the schedule, we hoped that maybe Amigo would get better in the meantime or develop symptoms that would make the whole thing obvious.
No such luck. He needs to submit at least four more lab samples (hence the post title stolen from Scrubs, the Musical) and then get a pair of procedures done under general anesthesia.
At the moment, I’m feeling as much stress as the kid is. I’ll end up gathering the samples, making sure they get to the right lab at the right time, and scheduling the procedures at Children’s (two hours from home by car on a good day, by the way) to occur some time during early October. Add to that the “prep” day before he goes and a potential recovery day after… but October? For a teacher, that’s a killer. And since it’s football season, Husband doesn’t have much flexibility, either. His work schedule is printed in green and gold at this time of year.

We’ll make it through. For Amigo’s sake, I hope we find some answers – even if the answers are in the poo.

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6 thoughts on “>Check the Poo

  1. >Poor little guy! I hope they figure out what it is and ends up being something easy to remedy!

    And when you imagined being a mother in your younger days, did it ever involved handling your non-diaper-wearing-child’s poo? Probably not, but that’s just part of the gig, right?

    Hang in there!!

  2. >What us moms do for our kids….

    I also hope it is something easy to fix.

    * It’s the last day to enter my CONTEST! Do you need a piggy bank??? *

  3. >Poor Amigo… and you! I do not envy you having to collect and transfer the necessary samples. Hopefully, it will be worth it and shed some light as to what is going on with his tummy!

    As far as Brett goes, I knew it was too good to be true that he would come to Florida and play for the Bucs!

  4. >Oh my, I don’t envy your task! I do hope it leads to answers and that once the tests are done, you can all get back on a “normal” schedule. ((hugs)) to you both.

  5. >I sincerely hope he’s better soon and that, perhaps, you two can sit and watch that Scrubs episode because it’s so funny that he might giggle the illness out of himself!

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