Carrying Capacity

Yesterday, I introduced you to this bag.

Made from recycled plastic water bottles

Made from recycled plastic water bottles

I use it for berries and other potentially messy purchases. When it’s time to harvest from my own backyard, I need containers, too.

Lettuce! For people and rabbits!

Lettuce! For people and rabbits!

I bought the basket from a rummage sale for $1. My intention is to use it for a planter, but until I do, it’s the perfect size for harvesting the latest in lettuces. That’s a lot of lettuce; I see chef’s salads in our future. And BLTs. And maybe taco salad. And – happy bunnies.

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7 thoughts on “Carrying Capacity

  1. If you would get a pack goat with baskets you would not need recycled bags. There will be goats for sale at the end of the State Fair. Imagine fresh goat milk on your berries and for cooking. Yummy. I’ll talk to my Goat guy for you. Imagine all the posts your goat will provide.

  2. We could make yogurt with goats milk. Tell Chuck no more lawn mowing. All he would have to do is pick up the processed compost piles from the yard. Imagine home made goat cheese. Goat cheese curds? I am really liking this idea of you having a goat. And, so we don’t have to fuss with her all winter I would prepare her for Thanksgiving dinner.

    • That’s right. And just you don’t have to worry about the police catching you, I already called them and told them you are getting a goat.

      • My “goat guy” can get you a goat for around $80. Goats can carry twice their weight on their back. I know what you are thinking. Yes, you could have the goat carry your books and laptop to school. And if Chuck would build a cart you could ride the cart to school.

        I feel a movie coming—– Driving Miss Daisy! And now I feel a song coming on—-Daisy had a little goat.

        And when we butcher the goat we could tan the hide and Daisy could sew a pair of gloves or a seat cover. Perhaps a pair of goat skin shoes. Talk about being GREEN!

        By the way, Grandpa had a pair of sheepskin boots to keep him warm in the winter.

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