Captured talk – and Acts of Kindness

Captured Talk: a collection of statements, overheard or quoted from sources in random fashion.

Sometimes, captured talk makes no sense at all. Sometimes, it actually makes more sense out of context. Once in a while, I can pull together a few lines of captured talk and fill in with connections of my own, and the end result – well, you be the judge. Readers, if I borrowed one of your lines in my Captured Talk, feel free to comment. Just remember, they’re all quoted in random fashion, out of context. 

It’s very hard for me to be patient about this. We’re stunned, sickened, and angry. The second amendment was written in the days of muzzle loaders and not stealth, automatic killing machines. Obviously, a wacko with a semiautomatic rifle is a far more effective killing machine than someone with a knife. (Wacko? Is this word appropriate from a syndicated columnist?) 

I agree that we also need to address mental illness, but let’s not oversimplify the situation. Panaceas don’t exist, and it’s lying to claim otherwise. 

No matter what, better access to mental health care is crucial…as well as providing resources and being more effective in identifying those with violent backgrounds and tendencies. At this time, many struggle against a court system that makes it almost impossible to make someone get help until it’s too late.  

Much like the heated discussions over gun control, any change in our existing mental health system must make sure our efforts don’t serve to further stigmatize mental illness. Both sides need to lay down their swords. 

Meanwhile, if your way of grieving is giving, consider donating to others in memory of the Sandy Hook victims. Pay it forward. Work toward change for the better whether in Connecticut or closer to home.

My words or captured talk? Can you tell? Whether or not you can distinguish Daisy’s own words from those of others, the last piece is that most important. Let’s work toward change, positive change.

One way to make a positive impact is to participate in the 26 Acts of Kindness started by Ann Curry of NBC. 

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2 thoughts on “Captured talk – and Acts of Kindness

  1. Militias and armed service are part of your heritage. I still have guns your grandpa owned and cherished. And, they are not muskets. Our ancestors in NY won the battle of the Oriskany during the revolution.

  2. A direct grandfather of yours could not fight in a particular skirmish during the Revolutionary because his wife hid his gun. Two of his brothers died that day.

    We are entitled to bear arms. 600,000 deer hunters in Wisconsin make a great militia.

    I do not own, nor do I need, assault rifles.

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