Canning: The Aftermath

I’ve begun posting my Farmers’ Markets adventures each Saturday in order to share with you my own locavore experience. Spell check still doesn’t recognize Locavore; must work on spreading the word, er, this word. Buying local produce is easy in June. After bringing home (reusable cloth) bags full of fresh goodies, what next?

Let’s see: What else?

A Very Happy Locavore's Kitchen

If it looks like a mess, well, it is – sort of. I do get it together eventually. My kitchen is too small to play host to this kind of pile-up for long.

The Aftermath, ready for next week

The carrots and lettuce ended up as bunny food and salads for the humans. Peas were delicious mixed with the last of the corn from the freezer, last year’s booty. Pea pods joined the lettuce and some of a local restaurant’s bacon dressing- yum. And finally, most of the berries became jams. The remainder were frozen or incorporated into ice cream or tossed on breakfast cereal. The jams are finding a home in the storage cupboard, and the tools are ready for next week’s market – whatever I might find.

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