>Buy nothing day? Buy locally day?

>Almost. I almost made it through Black Friday without buying anything. I avoided the craziness of the midnight and 4 AM openings; in fact, I avoided the big box stores altogether. Chuck and Amigo went to Kohls in the afternoon to buy a few things, and I got nominated to pick up bunny food after my other errands.

I mailed two packages (one a catalog return, the other Sun-Lovin’ Rat headed home to Ontario) at the postal outpost inside the drugstore. Then I headed toward the pharmacy and found out that due to renewal regulations, I couldn’t pick up both of my prescriptions. Instead of saving the time and gas of making one trip, I had to go back later. How much later? “You can pick up the other one at the earliest…. tomorrow,” declared the pharmacist. Growl. He had the courtesy to let me know that next month it’ll probably work out to renew them together. Whew.
After the pharmacy came a mini-grocery trip to supplement the leftovers in the house and pick up bunny food. Produce is outrageously expensive right now. Makes me wish I had a greenhouse and could grow my own!
So that was Friday. I didn’t face the madness of Black Friday, but I didn’t join the “buy nothing” crowd, either. Independent to the end, that’s me.
As for Saturday: I saw signs and notices in our newspaper asking people to “Support Small Businesses” and “Shop Local” on Saturday. Upon further review I realized it was part of a national movement. La Petite had a few places in mind, boutiques in our small and lovely downtown, so we planned an afternoon there. I offered to pick up the tab for our beverages,since there are several nice coffeehouses along the way.
Alas, it was not to be. She got some bad news (an unsuccessful job interview), and wasn’t ready to leave the house. Chuck did his share to keep me home, too, by dropping a rototiller on his big toe. The right foot, of course, making the drive to the ER my responsibility.
Well, local shops, I’ll be back. It might not be on the sponsored day, but I’m loyal. I’ll get there.

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2 thoughts on “>Buy nothing day? Buy locally day?

  1. >I didn't buy anything on Black Friday, but that's mostly because I'm done with my shopping. If I had shopped, I would have either done so online or in one of the little local shops downtown.

    I love supporting local businesses. I just wrote two articles for a local website on shopping ideas in our town and I had so much fun going store to store and getting ideas.

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