>Busy Day in Busytown

>Didn’t sleep well — restless dreams.
Up just before 7:00.
Realized we’d missed garbage pickup.
Helped husband pack up rabbit so he could drop her at the vet.
Had breakfast (oatmeal) with Amigo
Ran dishwasher
Took Amigo to doctor for his teenage acne
Complimented Amigo on his grown-up attitude toward three (yes, 3) vaccinations. Ouch!
Came home, made coffee
Vacuumed den and love seat, bunny’s favorite places
Welcomed plumber into the house to fix toilet
Made lunch for me and for Amigo
Paid plumber
Packed up a bag to keep Amigo busy and happy during PT appt
Went to PT (Physical Therapy), stretched, stretched, and more stretched
Left PT to pick up rabbit
Brought rabbit home
Found snacks for Amigo and rabbit

Now I only need to:
empty dishwasher
make supper
serve supper
clean up supper
go to pharmacy to pick up Amigo’s new meds (see morning appointment)
Watch Baseball! Woo-hoo!!
Go to bed. Sleep.

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