Bookstores and Book Spine Poetry

I’m spreading the word again: the word of book spine poetry. This time, it’s on the national blog from my employer. Please feel free (and feel encouraged) to share, like, pin, or simply enjoy the post. We had a good time making it.

Meanwhile, I picked up a book or two last night. Bookstores are dangerous. I have to stay focused. Walk in, walk out, and only buy what’s on my list. Do not stray from the center aisle. Don’t go near that sale table. Get what I need, then check out, and then leave.

I was doing rather well, I thought. Picked up the two books in the humor section, then headed to the children’s section and asked for the book by title and author. That led me quickly to the shelf with no danger of browsing on the way. Then I headed out to the registers, and I found this.

Read from left to right.

Read from left to right.

The cashier said she’d never set foot on the other side of the counter. She had no idea how much fun some other employee had setting this up.

Now, readers, I suppose you’re wondering. Did I make it? Did I get to the exit doors without buying something on impulse?


I bought bookmarks.


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2 thoughts on “Bookstores and Book Spine Poetry

  1. It’s true. Bookstores are a terrific test of our willpower. We admit it. Family genetics. Even so, there certainly are worse traits than book habits!

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