Book Title Poetry

Call it Title Poems or call it Book Binding Poetry, and you’ll still have fun, whatever you call it. The result won’t be a run-on sentence like mine, either.

My dear darling husband and Public Radio junkie heard the concept on the show “Away With Words.” He walked over to my dresser and saw these three titles.

Almost Haiku

Almost Haiku!

You can guess what happened next. Some attempts were more, shall we say, poetic than others.

You'll have to insert the punctuation.

You’ll have to insert the punctuation.

Can you see the last one?

Can you see the last one? The light wasn’t the best.


My favorite so far

My favorite so far.

I have a sneaking suspicion this poetry genre will happen again in and around my shelves. Readers, which book binding poem strikes you today?

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