Being a Princess – what does it mean?

When a three year old girl announces she wants to be a princess when she grows up, what is the family to think?

Princesses wear pretty dresses and shoes. Maybe she could be an actress or musician with an endless wardrobe.

A princess might become fashion icons. Wherever she goes, the world watches to see what she wears. Then the tabloid journalism world decides whether the real people in the world should like what the princess is wearing. At that point, the marketers step in. Could this little girl become a fashion designer or marketer some day?

A princess’ life has very little privacy. While Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, labored to give birth to her first child (the royal heir, no less), media gathered outside the hospital to report the progress. At three, a young princess wannabe certainly won’t be thinking of her own progeny – we hope.

Princesses in fairy tales have servants, human or animal, to clean up and cook and sew their clothing. Princesses in real life? Let’s just say this preschool princess should learn to take care of herself, just in case.

In some stories, the princess saves the world by using her courage and intellect. Her Royal Highness has a High IQ and High Creative Talents rather than just a royal family tree.

Upon close examination, the popular Disney Princesses turn out to be more than fictional characters…. more and also less. Technically, Disney Princess is a marketing term, a media ploy on the part of a corporate consumer products department head. Since each Disney Princess was a star or costar of a Disney movie, the franchise calls them heroines, but let’s be honest. Some are strong women worthy of the heroine label, and some are more victims waiting for a dramatic (and hunky) rescuer.

So now we’re back at the top of the page: what’s a princess? What does she do? Wear? Say? Think? Where does a young woman go to college to earn a Royal Degree?

If you’re a three year old, what does the role of Princess entail?

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3 thoughts on “Being a Princess – what does it mean?

  1. My daughter says a princess is someone who wears dancing dresses (dresses one can dance in), crowns, and eats lots of ice cream.

    Personally, I hate the princesses marketing that Disney has. I would have kept them away from daughter totally but my mother in law is insistent that she apart of that world. I feel like Disney pushes this idea that if you meet a rich man or are born into wealth your life is set, yeah you have to deal with some drama but truly the answer to all your problems is money. I want my daughter to grow up with a mindset that through hard work, creative thinking and education you can get through your problems.

  2. Maybe if you are only three years old, being a Princess means you are someone special to your family, no more, no less. There’s time to learn more about being one.

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