>Bad things come in threes – we’re done now, right?


La Petite has been having major tummy troubles. She had tests done last week. They took two biopsies of inflamed areas and noted bile in the colon, too. She needs to add an ulcer medication and a second antacid to her daily routine. She’s 25, for heaven’s sake.
Chuck fell on the ice last weekend. He hit his elbow pretty hard. He took care of it with ice and anti-inflammatory meds, but it got worse instead of better. The results? See below. I suggested renaming him Chip, but he didn’t like the idea.
Amigo had it easiest: he came home with an ear plugged with wax. No infection, thank goodness, but on the advice of his school nurses, he went in to have the ear flushed out. He’s blind; we don’t take chances with his ears.
Wondering about Chip, er, Chuck’s photo opportunity? Here it is. Now remember, we’re done. Bad things come in threes.

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