>Back in the Saddle Again

>It took a little more than I expected. Going back after break wasn’t as smooth as I thought it might be. Then I remembered.

I didn’t teach a full year last year. Coming back after break is a new skill – or one I need to remember from two years ago. I ran into unexpected responses as 2012 Back to School began.
My sleep routine was completely mixed up. I had trouble getting to sleep at night, staying asleep at night, and getting up in the morning. I tried a variety of solutions with a variety of results.
One night of Ambien. One night should be okay. My dependence on the drug developed after several months’ use, but one night – well, it wasn’t okay. I slept well that night, but the following night felt like withdrawal all over again. Deep sigh. I guess I can’t chance taking this again.
After a sleepless night filled with symptoms of withdrawal, I thought I’d be exhausted enough to collapse into dreamland. Not so. Around midnight I gave in and took six mg of melatonin. It helped me get to sleep; getting up in the morning was still difficult.
Melatonin may be my temporary solution. By taking it every night, on Friday I felt awake and energized. If this week’s sleep goes better, I can start walking to work again. The walk in itself will help me sleep at night, and the fresh air will help wake me in the morning. Look out, walking shoes, here I come!
Sleep is precious. After the past year’s experiences, I’ll never take sleep for granted again. Monday, here I come: hopefully with a full night’s deposit in the sleep bank.

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