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“Chuck” saw a feature on a dairy product the other day and asked me to do some online research. He’d heard about Kefir Milk, a probiotic type drink. Now, knowing my interest in all things organic and delicious, you might be wondering, “Daisy, how is it that you live and blog in the great dairy state of Wisconsin and you’ve never had kefir?” Gulp. Sheepishly, I admit it’s true.

So anyway, we did some research, including looking up local stores that sell it. Chuck bought a quart of blueberry flavored kefir last weekend. Then he said to me, “Which one of us will be the first to try it?” This didn’t make sense. He’d heard about the product. He’d asked me to do the research. He’d bought the first carton of kefir. What was he waiting for?

I gave in first. I had a small glass of kefir with my chef salad for lunch today. I sent Chuck an email saying so, and I included this small review.

I tried the Kefir. It’s kind of thick, and the texture is unusual, but it was good. I had a small glass with lunch. I might like this better over cereal instead of as a meal beverage. It’s like drinking yogurt, kind of.

We are a household of touchy tummies here at the O.K. Chorale, so kefir might be a good addition to our diets.

What would a TV post be without a few closed captioning blunders? These two follow a theme, sort of, unintentionally.

The captioner typed, “bizarre Nicholas III.” No judgments on the bizarreness of his reign or his personality was intended, I’m sure. The reporter really said “by Czar Nicholas III.” Okay, then. They were discussing the Trans-Siberian Railroad at the time.

Amigo and I enjoy relaxing with MeTV in the afternoons. We tune in for Dragnet, Adam 12, and a favorite from my teen years, Emergency! I think Amigo has figured out that I had a crush on paramedic Johnny Gage back when the show was new. Shh. 

Sound effects are usually noted in brackets – not to be confused with the Dr. Brackett character in the ER at Rampart Hospital – like this: [Sirens] The closed caption still had her mind in Russia, I fear. The text on the screen read [Siberians]. That’s a mighty long trip for Squad 51 from Los Angeles.

Ah, television. It entertains, but not always intentionally.

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